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Sunday, November 28, 2010

blind date with a tree

me and Chloe, how now has a blog at , went sledding. there was this really bad spot on the hill that breaks away form the main trail. at the bottom of this trail is a big wall of snow that stops the sleds right before a bunch of trees. so this is were i do stupid thing number 1. i go to the top of the hill. then i went down the hill and ended up going towards the turn off. that's when i do stupid thing number 2. I try to turn and end up going side ways and getting snow in my face. i see the snow wall rushing towards me and i say to my self ' the wall will stop me' so i just sit on my sled and wait. then i go right through the wall of snow. that when i say to my self  ' oh ----- I'm going to run into those trees and oveosly nothing is going to stop me even if i abandon ship.' that is when i do smart thing # 1. i roll on my belly make a ball out of my self and cover my face as best i can. then with a blind date like surprise something spins me around and i face plant into a tree. then i fell my face for blood and find my face covered in it. i also fell a thing on my nose. i think it is an icicle. so i try to pull it off. then i realised it is not on my nose but in it because a "mini sickle" hanging of it got up my nose. then i bull it out and see it is not an icicle. it is a stick. then my nose stars bleeding like crazy. that is when i do smart/stupid thing # 2 and 3. i leave Chloe at the hill who didn't see me crash and run home with all the the energy i have left. so have fun sledding kids and don't let you Friends talk you into blind dates.
the real thing.

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