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Sunday, November 28, 2010

blind date with a tree

me and Chloe, how now has a blog at , went sledding. there was this really bad spot on the hill that breaks away form the main trail. at the bottom of this trail is a big wall of snow that stops the sleds right before a bunch of trees. so this is were i do stupid thing number 1. i go to the top of the hill. then i went down the hill and ended up going towards the turn off. that's when i do stupid thing number 2. I try to turn and end up going side ways and getting snow in my face. i see the snow wall rushing towards me and i say to my self ' the wall will stop me' so i just sit on my sled and wait. then i go right through the wall of snow. that when i say to my self  ' oh ----- I'm going to run into those trees and oveosly nothing is going to stop me even if i abandon ship.' that is when i do smart thing # 1. i roll on my belly make a ball out of my self and cover my face as best i can. then with a blind date like surprise something spins me around and i face plant into a tree. then i fell my face for blood and find my face covered in it. i also fell a thing on my nose. i think it is an icicle. so i try to pull it off. then i realised it is not on my nose but in it because a "mini sickle" hanging of it got up my nose. then i bull it out and see it is not an icicle. it is a stick. then my nose stars bleeding like crazy. that is when i do smart/stupid thing # 2 and 3. i leave Chloe at the hill who didn't see me crash and run home with all the the energy i have left. so have fun sledding kids and don't let you Friends talk you into blind dates.
the real thing.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

it's snowing it's not pouring my dad is snoring out in the woods.

yes my dad is sleeping in this. and i will to soon my sis, chloe, and ijust got back from sleding it was a short trip because we were testing the sleds and she made a mega wipe out. snow down her shirt, up her pants, in here boots, and in her ear. that is chloe on the left.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

feed my fish

you can oviasly see my fish. can you feed them for me. just put your arow on the tank and whatch as they follow it eager for food. click to drop flacks. here are there names.
blue: blue's clues
green: cutie
black: darth vader
orange: fruti pie
red: darth maul
yellow: shellie
gray twins: darker one: rain cloud/ Brighter one: snow cloud
wight: stelthey sheltyt
light blue: (since you can hardly ever see him ) jeremiah.

thats all folks
The real thing

Friday, November 19, 2010


the vandals may have lost braging rights for 10 years against the broncos. but they lost there key players at home coming. so i dont want to hear it. here are some cheres to cheer you up.

who do we hate
boise state
what do we eat
bronko meat
how do we like it
raw (x3)
and this one
bronco 1 bronco all
lets all do the bronco crawl
( fall to the ground and cry that the vandals broke your leg )
bronko 2 bronko 3 lets all climb the bronko tree
( climbe an imaginary tree and yell vandals in a scared voise )
if you want the rest talk to me.
you all know the clasic
thats all i got.
love always
the real thing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

This is star wars?

That is the question you will be asking your self after you finnish my book i am wrighting. it is a thing on star wars were the C.I.S. ownes the republic and becomes the empire. here is my first chapter.
the confederate uprizing

Chapter 1
The Invasion on Mygeeto:
The city of Crossta was covered in fog, ash and smoke. The clone troopers of the 501st have been fighting long and hard. The front lines of both teams have not moved for weeks. Now the republic spies are breaking through the C.I.S. front lines.
“Jake shut up before you give away our position,” barked Commander Steven.
“sorry commander” apologized a little to loud.
“did you say something” said a droid of the C.I.S.
“no” said another droid
“Jake, you better hope those aren't supers” whispered the angry commander as he looked for a thermal detonator. He found one and hit the button. The ball glowed red and the commander thew it over thee wall. They heard an explosion and the wall that hid them crumbled. Laser blasts flew every were. Jake and the other sabators managed to escape the mini battle.
“We have got to get to the cannons” said Jake
“ ' I agree' ” said a voice on the com. “ ' get there and destroy the cannons' ”
“yes sir” said Jake. The squad zigzagged through the smoked, shuffled through ankle deep ash till they were right next to the cannons. They sneaked behind the cannons and placed time bombs on the venerable areas. They ran. But the only one who was not fast enough was Jake.

When the rest of the 501st saw and heard the blast they rejoiced. But the battle raged on. The ceasing of cannon fire helped get some men on the battle field. Jedi master Kai-Audi-Mundi was a big help to every one. Though, his skill with the force and with a saber were strong, he could not stop an entire army. Some how the C.I.S. Sneaked a squad of bombers into the air. The confederate rained down on the republic.
“The battle may have been lost but not the war” said Kai-Audi-Mundi just before he died from blood loss.
pleas vote. i didn't but the vote thing on all my blogs for nothing.
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Monday, November 1, 2010

the true meaning of holoween

hey for all you belivers who are all like 'haloween is evil'. well its not ok. the pumpkins are not to scare away vampires. the glow is what your childs heart will be doing when they eat the candy. the face of the jack o lantern is the face of your child after hloween. ( if you let him/her trick or treat that is ) the orange pumpkin sibbulizez the color of your childs teeth after haloween. the black cat thing, that dosent say you have bad luck it means... uhh... you... saw a black cat... I think... may be. anyway, let your kids go to hanted stuff too. its just a fun thing for them they'll love it. make it a family thing to celabrate halloween ( I need help with spelling that word ) it will realy pull you guys closer together.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


khvgdshuihhuidhfuvihijhbvdfhbhgfd that was me relesing my energy be aufhsuhfuhs cus i am having hgahjbgsdvhnkudsbhvhjbd lots of fun

merit bage list(p.s. there is more than one way to spell a word)



willderness servival



and blah blah blah

lots of merit bages

I have been doing lots of merit bades.right now my ear is ringing because i was at archery and i pulled the string to the back of my head (which is farther then you should for those who dont know)then i released and it hit my ear. ha ha ...
that is all for now bye.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

grizzly rocks

CAMP GRIZZLY IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at our first camp seshion we had a troop who had the awesomest chear ever.

(we will rock you beat)
we're troop 340 and we're here to say "we love camp grizzly for its sunny days" no mud on your face is a big dicgrace get'in sun burn all over the place sayin we love we love grizzly. we love we love grizzly.

if you want to send mail send to 1101 palouse river Rd. harvard, idaho 83834

Friday, June 18, 2010

the real thing at grizly

i am going to camp grizzly, today!!!!! it will be lots of fun. the archery directer is a U.S. OLIMPIC hopeful. he says we will get to shoot a lot. knowing there is no internet {interconected network of networks} at camp I will only post every 2-3 weeks. bye...

Monday, June 7, 2010


I have almost finished delivering my honey to people. i have officially earned $1,100 in honey sales.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


sorry every one that i have not been blogging lately but I'm just so busy. I have lost 5 Base ball games and won 2.(the games we did win were 6-4 and 13-2)I am happy!I'm going to camp for 8 Weeks!!! and not just camp but camp grizzly. currently my rank in scouts is boy scout it has been about 2 and a half mounts since i crossed over to boy scouts, and (like i expected)it is fun. 4 days till the last day of grads are um, fascinating. don't tell my mom.

science:b(i think it should be an A+++++)
well P.E., music, and art grads i will know later.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shane Wight

he got the gold. I can not believe we didn't sweep the podium. After my mom saw the double McTwist 1260 she became a snow Board fan. She actualy used the terms "drooping in" and "kicking chicken". I have been a fan since age 5 there is no one how can do his stunts he can out board avalanches

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I cant belive it

ugg the cowbows got beat by the michal jordan of football. Romo did fine in the game it was the line mens' fault they did not protect tony. know the vikings are on a lone list of teams I hate. Along with the cargnals,the patriots, and the packers. you know I should haved the vikings befor cuz brett was QB for the pakers and now he is QB for the vikings.

Friday, January 1, 2010

what a new years party

It was stinko. All I got to do was eat, play bunko, sit around, and get the most embarrassing nick name. This is a public blog so I'm not going to tell. Mom you better not ether, or angela. I wish it was like it used to be. We could be as loud as we wont. Bring all sorts of games. Last year we even brought a wii. Ahhh those were the days.

Thursday, December 31, 2009


We are going to a new years party were we go to 4 places in town. first we will be going to the nu art theater for the appetizer then we be going to the halls house for salad. Next we will have the main Croce at the pope's house. then a bunch of things. Wow.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

new hiar cut

Well I don't like to get my hair cut. I thought It would look horrible but it looks good(but the girls wont think that is true). you see I like my hair long. you will see my new hair cut when I get a picture on my blog.

Sceince club (If you are from my school no need to read this blog)

Science club is something I made. you see when I was younger I thought I would be a teacher of science but then I found out about all these other jobs so I thought I should be a Science teacher now.

good gaming site

You gamers like me go to all kinds of sites to play games like Bubble Box, mini clip, addicting games, but this one might be unpopular but it is the bomb. go to and get a few friends to play tanks for up to 5 players and if you want to play by yourself make the other players computer players and choose how hard you want them to be remember tanks not tanks 2007 or 2009 not tank wars they are all retorted(retarded and dorky but together).

My blog

Well if you read my mom's blog you would know I have talked to her about it. If you look at the colors of my blog they might remind you of the Dallas Cow Boys,my favorite foot ball team. I love to blog. I also love to read blogs, so if you would like to leave your web site I would love to visit.and about the Cow Boy thing ignore the green. if you can tell me how to change the color of that green tell me.